Landlord FAQ

How can I offer my living space?

Just complete on the item offer the online form – this is the most comfortable way. You also can register your property by post or fax with the pdf form.

What is a commission?

For our services, like proof and / or procurement, a commission becomes due in case of successful signing. The amount is based on the mentioned commission scale (conditions summary) and depends on the rental price as well as the rental period.

How long can I offer at least?

This depends on you as the landlord. Normally the interested persons are searching for living space from one up to twelve months.

Should I renovate?

The more modern and newer your flat is equipped, the easier is it to find an interested person. For offered flats according to the demands of today and the modern standards our clients are also prepared to pay a higher rental price.

Which insurance is the right one?

We recommend you as the landlord to take out a household contents insurance for the flat.

Who needs temporary accommodation?

The majority of our interested persons are for professional reasons several months in the city.

What is special about Flathopper?

Temporary furnished accommodation – especially with this alternative of renting out flats the Flathopper GmbH supports intensively and practically many corporate strategies and their cost-cutting measures. The appropriate staff with their qualified tasks will be motivated usefully and will not be distracted by important measures. With it the esteem of such a property and its usability is real and profitable again especially for investors as future landlords. The professional procurement of a tenant for the landlord through the Flathopper GmbH needs special criteria and facilitates a preliminary selection of interested persons who are searching for living space. Demanding corporate clients are appreciated and treated like partners with them the Flathopper GmbH enters into a business connection and builds a long-term content client base.

Fear of rental nomads?

Normally you will not find the so called rental nomads here, as they will not enter into a temporary tenancy. This species of inhabitants don’t have a chance and aren’t interested in spending time in monthly payments of rent, paying of deposits and rental agreement as well as behavioural rules. Mostly an unlimited rental agreement for furnished temporary accommodation doesn’t come into consideration.


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