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The Flathoppper team cares for you during the entire contract period. If you have any questions regarding temporary accommodation or living in furnished flats we will support you in the best way possible.

Living space

The ideal property is centrally located, is completely furnished, is well connected with transport and is located in an attractive living environment with facilities for leisure, restaurants and shops for daily needs. You can offer your flat in a completely easy way on our homepage. Therefore use the corresponding menu item. Our online form is also available in pdf form and can be sent by post or fax to us after completing. We will contact you to agree a photo appointment. We will offer your property according to your specifications on our homepage or also on other portals.

Rental price

The amount of the attainable rental price depends very much on location and equipment of the living space. Many important things like equipment details will be requested in our form for provider. More information is better than to forget something important. We advice you with the calculation of your rental price with pleasure.


If you desire we agree a viewing appointment with the interested person. If required we also participate and assume that for you.

Rental agreement

Due to the specific characteristics of the rental agreement for temporary accommodation, we could assume the preparation if desired. It will be signed between you and the tenant. Because of that fact it is essential that you discuss all important details with the new tenant, in order to consider them. The same offered and published rental price like it was calculated by you in advance should also be indicated the prospective tenant including the additional costs. It is also known as an all-inclusive rent. To have an easy handling it is appropriate to include costs for rubbish, electricity, gas, water, weekly cleaning service, telephone or rather DSL-connection. Otherwise these must be indicated separately already when giving the offer to avoid misunderstandings.


Usually you as the landlord agree a deposit of two monthly rents. In case of a short rental period you also could reduce it to one monthly rent. The deposit will be transferred directly to your account. We recommend that you spend the deposit separately on a deposit bank account. After ending of the rental period you repay the deposit to the tenant. If there are any damages to complain, you as the landlord can withhold a part of the deposit, which was predetermined with the tenant.

Inventory list

When move into the flat we recommend writing a handover certificate as well as an inventory list together with the tenant. With that you can avoid eventually occurring misunderstandings at the end of the rental period.

End of the rental period

Please contact us again well-timed about 4-5 weeks before the move out of your tenant so that we can offer your flat online again and to avoid an empty state. The basis of a good cooperation with you is an honest and transparent communication. In case that your tenant would like to extend the rental period and to live longer in your flat, we are possibly entitled to a further commission and will write a correction of the rental period for the tenant. In that case we ask you and expect that you will inform us immediately. With that you avoid possible claims for compensation.

Cleaning service

We are working with different cleaning companies, which are known for their best quality and their reliable and fast service. If you are interested please contact us and we will initiate everything else. Concerning the final cleaning you can expect about 3-6 EURO / m² living space depending on complexity of the work.

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