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Interesting information about the cities Munich, Rosenheim and Stuttgart

Stuttgart is as the regional capital of Baden-Württemberg its largest city. In Germany it is the sixth largest city. The current population (1.1.2010) is about 592.000.

Stuttgart itself was probably founded during the Hungarian invasions between 926 and 948 as a stud farm. Generally the foundation is attributed to duke Liudolf of Swabia, which makes the period after 945 more probable. Due to the natural facts of the to three sides closed basin it was an ideal location for horse breeding.

Munich is as the regional capital of Bavaria its largest city. It is the third largest city in Germany. The current population is about 1.350.000. There are many places of interest, like the English Garden or the “Wiesn” (Octoberfest).

The history of Rosenheim begins in the Roman age. There are different theories about the origin and meaning of the name Rosenheim – nobody could bring a conclusive verifiable proof by now, why the city is named Rosenheim.

The word-for-word nicest theory is that nice girls were called as a “rose” in former times. Already the Inn-skippers knew that there are a lot of beauties which they could admire in the city. Because of that the city which was often headed from skippers, received the name “home of the roses” – therefore Rosenheim.

It suits excellently, that Rosenheim organizes the state garden show from 23.04. to 03.10.2010. Further information on www.rosenheim2010.de


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