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The Flathoppper team cares for you during the entire contract period. If you have any questions regarding temporary accommodation or living in furnished flats we will support you in the best way possible.


On our homepage you will find a quick search to get a first impression. With pleasure we will provide you individualised offers according to your desires after contacting us by mail. First please fill out the accommodation request, so that we can act for you. The form is available in pdf. The most important details are the ones about renting period, size of the flat and rental price. If there are any equipment features or other characteristics of importance for you please inform us as well.

This step is not binding and free of charge.


If you desire, we could arrange a viewing appointment with the landlord. If required, we also participate.

Rental Agreement

Due to the specific characteristics of the rental agreement for temporary accommodation, we could assume the preparation if desired. It will be signed between the tenant and the landlord. Because of that fact it is essential that you discuss all important details with the landlord, in order to consider them.

Usually the indicated rental price includes all the additional costs. It is also known as an all-inclusive rent. Please note that there could be further chargeable costs for rubbish, electricity, gas, telephone or rather DSL-connection, final cleaning etc., if they are indicated separately.

Rental Deposit

Usually the landlord charges a deposit of two monthly rents. In case of a short rental period it might reduce to one monthly rent. The deposit will be transferred directly to the account of the landlord. We recommend that the landlord spends the deposit separately on a deposit bank account. After ending of the rental period the landlord repays the deposit. If there are any damages to complain, the landlord will withhold a predetermined part of the deposit.

Inventory List

When move into the flat you should look at all rooms very precisely and write a handover certificate as well as an inventory list together with the landlord. With that you can avoid unpleasant discussions at the end of your rental period.


Please contact the landlord well-timed to agree an appointment for return. To permit a draughty return, we kindly ask for returning the flat in the same condition in which you found it. If any kind of painting work will be necessary, please contact us and we will enquire a suitable service provider.

Cleaning Service

We are working with different cleaning companies, which are known for their best quality and their reliable and fast service. If you are interested please contact us and we will initiate everything else. Concerning the final cleaning you can expect about 3-6 EURO / m² living space depending on complexity of the work.

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