Tenants FAQ for "temporary accommodation" in Munich, Rosenheim and Stuttgart

How can I register?

Just fill out the online accommodation request. Point out your personal data as well as your search criteria. You can do that online or by using the pdf-form which you can send as by fax (+49 89 416158305) or post.

Why should I register?

With the accommodation request we receive all necessary data and important criteria for your search. Therefore we can act more concrete according to your desires. The use of our service means placing an order and acceptance of our terms and conditions.

What is a minimum rental period?

It depends on the offer of the landlords. Many indicate a minimum rental period of 3 months.

How much is the rental price?

Supply and demand determine the price like everywhere else. Important criteria are above all town, location, condition, facilities, size and transport connection, just to point out some.

Is subletting allowed?

Generally as a tenant you can sublet your flat. But in advance you need the agreement of your landlord. If the sublet is not mentioned in your rental agreement, it is not allowed without agreement.Who is liable in case of problems between tenant and landlord? The Flathopper GmbH procures the rental agreement and is not liable for observing the rental agreement. With arising questions concerning the process of a tenancy the landlord and the tenant can get information at the Flathopper GmbH or our homepage and can reread the advices.

What is an all-inclusive rent?

In order to make everything as easy as possible for the landlord and tenant, all additional and operating costs as well as furniture or rather equipment are included in the rental price, especially on short-term tenancies. The meter-reading for heating, water and currency would cause additional costs, because a correct intermediate account can be required from the tenant by the energy supplier. It is possible that the energy suppliers charge additional costs for the intermediate account.

How much is the deposit?

For temporary accommodation or renting of furnished living space, all-inclusive rents are common. It is recommended to agree two monthly rents as a deposit. In case of short tenancies up to three months the deposit is one monthly rent. According to the rent law three monthly basic rents are enforceable at the most. The deposit is a bail and is important for the protection of the landlord in case of damages which are caused by the tenant.

Who is liable for damages?

In the case that the tenant is the person that is responsible for the damages in the flat or rather furniture and equipment and the tenant didn’t keep to the in the rental agreement agreed rules and regulations provably, a compensation for the damages will be made. Normally the landlord will deduct it from the deposit. Therefore we would like to recommend a business liability insurance for employees or rather personal liability insurance for private persons.

Who is responsible for the final cleaning?

When moving in the flat you found it in an immaculate condition – when moving out it must be given back in the same immaculate condition. You gather from the offer if a final cleaning is part of the rental agreement, which costs will arise and who has to assume it.


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